Monday, August 17, 2015


Just a couple of weeks until school.

We have the uniforms; we have many of the supplies.

We're trying to remember to fill in reading logs and do some math.

Now, we're trying to get the house in fall order.  I know people spring clean; we school clean.

This year, that includes a new armoire for Sis (whose room doesn't have a closet.)  The small, three-drawer dresser we got for the nursery just doesn't work anymore.  And so we're moving things around to accommodate it.  The nursery dresser is nice, but we're not sure where to put it now.

Soon, we'll tackle some items in Bud's room, to give him more space--see, he has a closet, but it is filled with stuff from Mama and me.  Which means purging and relocating.

Fun, fun, fun.

We'll be having some fun, too, these last two weeks, but our minds are already half on school.

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