Friday, February 10, 2017


There was a white flash.  I thought I had blinked funny, having stared at my crochet too long.  But then, a loud, long clap of thunder which shook the windows and rattled the house.  Thundersnow!  With a definite lightning flash.  I went outside on the porch where Mama was futzing around to see if she'd seen it.  Yes.  Amazing.  I'm not sure I've been in thundersnow since the blizzard of 1995, with Gommie at the Waldorf Astoria.  Soon my FB feed lit up as other friends along the CT coast confirmed that they, too, had experienced it.  We heard it at least one more time, about an hour later, but no more flashes.  It certainly made yesterday's snow storm more interesting.

As it was, we got a good amount of snow, though the exact amount is hard to determine with all the drifting--I'd say about 8" (I usually guess high.)  We had gusts up to 45 mph, so there is snow stuck to windows and making odd shapes on the cars and roof--at times are Tibetan flags were parallel with the ground and we couldn't see down the street for the drifting.  Because it was blowing so hard, we mostly stayed inside (the kids were off yesterday and also today, because the roads are a mess.)  Crochet, yummy Korean barbecue bulgogi lunch, an evening viewing of Frozen in honor of the snow, Minecraft, baking, just a very relaxed day.  Towards the end of the storm, when it was gusting but not snowing much, Sis did go out and play with the neighbor for a bit while Mama was clearing the snow.  Thankfully, our snow blower was working so it didn't take long.

All in all, weather-wise, it's been an odd few days, as demonstrated by these two photos.  People in New England like to say, if you don't like the weather, just wait because it will change.  (Actually, people everywhere I've lived say that and each place thinks it's unique to them.)  I think, though, for the next several days we have a few more storms, albeit smaller, coming through.  But I doubt we'll see thundersnow anytime soon.



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  1. Come to Merry England, Hampshire to b e precise, Temperature 5C or say 40 in your money. Cold but bearable. Snowdrops are out and very pretty.