Thursday, February 16, 2017

Proud Mommy

The kiddos are in the school musical!  With speaking parts!  The show is Madagascar Jr.  And Bud is one of the penguins, Rico, who eats a lot and does martial arts.  Sound familiar?  Sis is Police Officer #1, which also makes some sense.  (She is a bus safety patrol, after all.)  We're excited for them and so proud that they auditioned--acapella in front of 4 adults in the big auditorium and then again at callbacks for Bud.  Not easy.  It'll be a lot of work from now til June, but they enjoy singing and being with their friends.  Besides, it's their last year at the school, their last musical.  Which makes it doubly special.  Here we go . . . .

On a side note:  Some kids who had larger parts before were very mad about the casting this year, going to the extent of stating that some who got parts don't have talent.  Talk about sour grapes.  A few are even threatening to quit already.  So we had to talk to Sis and Bud about attitude, good sportsmanship (so to speak), jealousy, and not to let it spoil their experiences.

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  1. Don't blame the kids who seem to want to behave like the red haired one, blame the parents but not forgetting to praise the sensible parents.