Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Year of the Rooster!

It's Chinese (or Lunar) New Year time!  Like Christmas, it's celebrated for several weeks; though, new year is celebrated after the holiday more than before it.  Last weekend, Mama, Sis, and Bud went down for a glorious overnight with Ma, Gong, and Goo.  I stayed behind with Eris (whose tail--injured and infected so that she had stitches and a cone--is much improved), who is still separated from the other cats.  They went for a longer stay than usual because Sis wanted lessons in cooking all the special new year's food--duck, chicken, sweet taro paste, and more.  She had a wonderful time, making her own recipe book.  She brought some of the food home to me--so good!  As usual, Bud has several kung fu performances, including two this weekend.  His school is hosting a big 10th- anniversary celebration in a few weeks, also part of the new year.   Also this weekend, Sis has a Girl Scout Lunar New Year party, where they'll learn to make Vietnamese spring rolls.  It's a special year for the kiddos and Ma because they are Roosters, born in the year of the Rooster.  And though the kids are 12 this year by our reckoning, they turned 13 on new year's by Chinese reckoning (they're one year when born and then age on new year, not their birthdays.)

Which means they are already teenagers.

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