Monday, June 13, 2016

Second Junior Girl Scout Year

I've been trying to keep track of our GS years.  Here's what we've done so far:

And now, our second Junior year.  We've been busy:
  • Mystic Seaport Sleuth overnight for Detective Badge
  • learn ABCs, numbers, simple words, Pledge of Allegiance and GS Promise for ASL badge
  • Bike ride for Practice with Purpose Badge
  • World Thinking Day--self-reflection with handmade journals
  • Bronze Award!!!!!
    • team building
    • planning recipes 
    • visit from soup kitchen organizer to discuss food insecurity
    • make Christmas cards and Cupcake Paper Angel ornaments
    • homework:  plan, shop, and bake cookies
    • gather to create cookie platters
    • attend soup kitchen party
    • discuss experience at soup kitchen party
    • learn cupcake decorating skills
    • decorate 100+ cupcakes for soup kitchen Valentine's Day dinner
    • deliver and distribute cupcakes at soup kitchen dinner
  • Star Wars Cookie Booth
  • Savvy Shopper badge and field trip to store
  • Junior Aide  (GS values egg hunt, petal activities)
  • Bronze Award ceremony
Tonight, the girls bridge to Cadettes and also receive their Bronze Awards.  I spent the whole morning  ironing and sewing on patches to her Junior sash that Sis has gathered over the last two years and prepping her Cadette vest for the ceremony.  

I think we need to teach sewing ASAP!

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