Saturday, June 25, 2016

(No) Slumber Party

Tonight, Sis is celebrating her 11th birthday with some friends.  It's her first solo birthday party, meaning without Bud.  Bud's taking it a little bit hard to be left out, especially because they share so many friends.  So, he's out to a nice dinner, movie, and hotel with a big pool with Mama; he'll have his own birthday party in a few weeks . . . and he's not inviting her.


There's a lot of fun going on here tonight, though.  It's Sis's first time to host a sleepover like this, with more than one friend, and a party at home to boot (almost all the other parties have been out and about.)  Fried chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner, with some corn.  Then make-your-own jar cakes with yellow cake, brownies, fudge frosting, white frosting, jam, sprinkles, M&Ms, and whipped cream.  These went in the fridge while they played outside; then they came inside to decorate wooden letters with markers.  Sis also opened some nice gifts--books and arts and crafts and such.  Then they ate cake (after Sis blew out some candles!) and are now singing and dancing and talking downstairs.

Later, they might do henna and then watch a film (they were all at odds over which film.)

A few of the girls had never been here before, so Sis gave them a quick tour (mainly to locate the bathrooms and their lights, which are tricky.)  One of them said our house was so friendly, which is about the nicest compliment I've ever had about our home.  I only had a few rules--stay out of Bud's room, ask before heading outside, watch for the cats so they don't go outside--and said they could stay up as late as they'd like.  I don't imagine they'll get much sleep.  I'm not sure I will, either.  All in the name of great fun and wonderful memories.

As I'm not needed for now (they'll want some help with henna, I imagine) and I want to give them some space, I'm lying down and watching old episodes of "Downton Abbey."  And thinking of some of my own slumber parties (once, in a tent in the backyard--in December!--we ate GORP and cooked our meals on the grill, including blueberry pancakes.)  Such fun.

Happy birthday, Sis!

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