Saturday, February 27, 2016

Smooth Sailing

I'm not sure what compelled me, except perhaps a sense of curiosity, but I made yogurt from scratch this week.  There had been an article in the NYTimes which spurred my interest and so I got the ingredients and got to work Thursday night (there were even reader tips to help out.)  It really is a little like magic--heat some milk (tip:  rub ice on the bottom of the pot to prevent scorching), add a little plain yogurt, keep it warm a long time (tip: turn on oven to 200 for 2 minutes, turn off, leave yogurt there wrapped in towel with oven light on), and then chill it.  Voila!  Some of the freshest, tangiest, smoothest yogurt I have ever had.  It's perfect with honey or jam, or just plain if you like tart yogurt.  Mine is even lactose-free, with lactose-free milk and yogurt to start.

And it was perfect timing:  Mama had a wisdom tooth removed on Friday.  The procedure went well--easier than she expected and had been lead to believe by well-meaning friends with horror stories.  But she can't exactly chew.  And the yogurt has been perfect!  In less than a day, we have eaten almost 8 cups of it.

I doubt we'll eat that much every day, but I know I'll be making this again.

Oh, and the Tooth Fairy brought Mama an extra-special treat, the Lego Death Star kit.

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