Monday, February 15, 2016

Looking Back

Since our last full school/work day on Thursday, Feb. 4, we have had:

(UPDATE:  OOoops, I spoke too soon.  Today not back to normal--2 hour delay for ice!)

  • school play auditions
  • school cancellation (snow)
  • mom social evening (Pampered Chef)
  • water park birthday party
  • local kung fu performance
  • major family Chinese New Year celebration
  • school early dismissal (snow)
  • school delay (snow)
  • school play callbacks
  • Girl Scout meeting
  • vigiling for Mr. P
  • death of Mr. P
  • Girl Scout service project
  • no school (winter break holiday/grief)
  • rock climbing for Sis and Mama
  • lunch from Mecha Noodles
  • haircuts
  • NYC--Discovery Center exhibitions on Star Wars and also Vikings
  • lunch at Virgil's
  • kung fu practice
  • rollerskating birthday party
  • lunch from Afghani restaurant
  • more kung fu practice
  • Valentine's Day (though, we didn't celebrate)
  • extreme cold
  • lunch at 'wich craft
  • kung fu rehearsal and waiting for . . . . 
  • kung fu performance at LINCOLN CENTER!!!
  • celebratory dinner
  • sleepover in NYC
  • breakfast at Alice's Tea Cup
  • President's day/school holiday
  • extreme cold and snow and now sleet turning to rain by morning

And now we're back to our new "normal."  It will be strange.  And sad.  And probably a somewhat rough adjustment.  And raining, to boot.

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