Monday, February 22, 2016

The Sounds of The Secret Garden

We had box seats on the side, a little obscured, but so close.
With Sis over her fever but only just recovered, we ventured into the city last night for a very
special treat, The Secret Garden in concert at Lincoln Center--the same stage Bud performed on last week!  It was an all-star cast and we were definitely looking forward to it.  And, mercy, it didn't disappoint.  Wow, just wow.  So incredible.  Each song better than the next.  Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo in "Girl in the Vallery," Ramin Karimloo and Cheyenne Jackson in "Lily's Eyes," Sydney Lucas in any song, the same for Karimloo and the man playing Dickon (whose name escapes me.)  I even liked Telly Leung in his small role as Fakir.  And even though she hasn't performed in much since her Tony win 25 years ago, Daisy Eagan received several cheers and much encouragement, especially when she lost the last note of "Hold On" to  tears (for a discussion of the importance of her role as the child lead at the time of her own mother's illness and death, see here.)  There were several cheers, even a few showstoppers,  and a standing ovation from the full house (which included Lea Salonga and Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom we spotted during intermission.)   I went from smiles to tears and back again several times.  So did Mama.  We've always loved singing the score to one another but had never seen it together; to see it with this cast, even "just" in concert, was so special and amazing.  Bud loved it and Sis soldiered through, definitely enjoying.  We sang the soundtrack all the way home, with one kid awake at any given time, til midnight.  And I'm still humming the songs today . . . . (you can watch some of it here.)

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