Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow

18" on the ground.

Fluffy flurries this morning.

6-10" more this weekend.

After being pretty quiet, winter is finally really here.

And, while it's beautiful, it does make me edgy to go out in it sometimes.  I was out at hospice yesterday and took a long time to traverse the icy parking lot.  Today, I have a crafters' group and a meeting at the historic house about making an educational video.  And this weekend, I am going on a retreat focusing on meditative drawing, or Zentangle.   It'll be great, except all the snow that's coming.  But Mama will do the driving to and fro and I can stay in the center without worrying about slipping around outside.

Still, I find I like snow much better when all I have to do is stay inside and look at it!  

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