Monday, February 16, 2015

Cultivating My Crochet Garden

Taking a break from both crocheted Big Granny Square Afghans and from tangling for a bit, I've been practicing a new art:  crocheted flowers.  I must admit to having never paid much attention to crocheted flowers before, though undoubtedly I saw them on baby beanies in magazines and such.  I even picked up a pattern at a yarn store some 15 years ago.  But it wasn't until I purchased a salmon-colored tulip/rosebud (hard to tell which) at St. Paul's Cathedral in London last year, that I realized that I might be able to make crocheted flowers.  (I wore that flower almost everyday we were in the UK; I now have a lavender flower, probably knit with tiny stitches, that I also like to wear.)

So I started searching Pinterest and Ravelry for free patterns, even picked up the basic book on the topic, Crochet Bouquet, and began to practice with afghan remnants.  But Lion Brand homespun, while fluffy and soft, makes a very chunky rose and it isn't the best yarn for counting stitches and practicing new stitches.  

My first few roses were fine, but then I bought some yarn (it's a variegate Patons) in pink and green, which I made into a simple rose this afternoon.  And then I made a leaf from the Crochet Bouquet book to go with it (looks like a stem in this picture, but it's a simple leaf.)  The leaf, while simple looking, had not only the usual chain, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch, but also half double crochet, treble crochet, and half treble, plus something called a slip stitch picot, all of which were relatively unfamiliar to me.  Still, it didn't take that long:  both flower and leaf were finished long before I finished watching Big Hero Six this evening with Gommie et al.  (And that was in the half-light or less of a winter's evening.)

Isn't it pretty?  I can't wait to secure a brooch pin to it and wear it with a scarf.  And so easy.  I can't wait to try some of the other flowers--up next, perhaps, a rosebud and maybe a blooming lotus!

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