Thursday, February 19, 2015

Last Things

Last notes on Gommie's visit, since I forgot to chronicle Mon-Wed:

  • More yummy food:  my simple butter marinara, sourdough biscuits for breakfast, chicken and dumplings for lunch, quiche for dinner.  And Mama brought special restaurant desserts as a treat on our last night:  delicious fudge cake, caramel apple pie, molten lava cake, and blueberry lemon sponge.
  • We started a puzzle together, a maritime Americana puzzle with 1000 pieces.  It was a real challenge (some of the pieces didn't so much connect as abut), but we didn't come close to finishing it.
  • On Monday, after eating a great seafood lunch, we went birding.  First, we drove along the river and actually spotted a bald eagle!  We all saw it and weren't imaginging things.  We also saw some big hawks, perhaps Northern Harrier or Broad Shoulder.  Inspired by this, we stopped at several more places along the river and the shore, marveling at the ice build up and frozen waters.  We did look for a long while for a Snowy Owl and I did think I spotted one in the far distance, but I'm not counting that as a positive identification.  I'll just have to keep looking.  But it was a wonderful activity for us all.  And with Gommie present, the kids didn't complain as much about the cold.
  • We watched Big Hero Six, including all the behind the scenes things.  Gommie really liked it (she doesn't always like animation or fantasy/sci fi), much more than she liked The Avengers!  
  • There was more game playing--spit, solitaire, Rummikub, and Scrabble--and more tangling.
All in all, a great visit.

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