Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Three Strikes

It's not been the best kind of day.

Gommie left, which is always hard, even with a wonderful long visit.

And then, I got a call this morning that my hospice patient, whom I've seen since late October, which is a long time in the hospice universe, was in active heart failure and wouldn't last too long (more like days, than hours, though.)  So after dropping Gommie off at the train station, I headed to hospice.

Only on my way, I got a call that Mama was headed to NYC--a neighbor had noticed oddness from her parents' house only to find that a hot water pipe had broken in the first floor, damaging both the dining room and the basement (remember, her folks are in Thailand . . . for Mama's grandfather's death and funeral, including 7 days of ritual mourning and then cremation and more days of prayer.  And now it's Chinese New Year, which they can't fully celebrate because of the mourning, if I understand correctly.)  Only the sump pump kept it from being worse.  Thank heavens for the attentive neighbor! But the heat coupled with the water ruined their inlaid wood floor, which buckled.  There is condensation so thick in the house that all the ceilings are dripping and the windows opaque.  And there is a lot of damage to all of the tiles and insulation in the basement's drop ceiling.  So Mama has been there all day with plumbers and heating people.  She might or might not come home tonight, but only if the house is stabilized enough to be left for 24 hours, when Goo can next check on it.

So I went in and sat with my hospice patient for an hour, holding his hand and mostly sitting in silence.  He looks like my dad, but older--same complexion and facial skin and baldness, very similar profile as he lay in bed.   He's not uncomfortable and is receiving a lot of love and attention from the staff; he is very well liked (and the difference in care between liked patients and disliked is vast, unfortunately; I've seen it close up.)  When I left, I said goodbye and that I wished him well if I didn't see him again, that it had been a real pleasure sitting with him these months.  May he be comforted.  May he live with ease.  And die with ease.

So that's my day.  I'm definitely pretty frayed around the edges and PMS makes it worse.  At least there was a little sunshine.

Otherwise, I'm glad it will be tomorrow soon.

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  1. Pipes don't just break unless very old. Someone has to have a good careful look around because from my experience there will be others, not perhaps this year but shortly, best be forearmed.. When we go away I make sure the tanks are near empty and the water supply cut off, at least the damage will be minimum. Your system is probably different but you get the overall idea. Good luck.