Friday, December 5, 2014


Not to Christmas, though our Lego Advent continues (our home one has slowed to a crawl.)

Because we're getting ready for the cats, who come TOMORROW!!!!

Yep, the big boys will be here midday.  The house is, mostly, ready.  There will always be things we find to do.  And we're as ready as we'll ever be.

Last night, their owner came by to meet us, see where the cats will live, and answer any questions we had.  He obviously loves his cats and has thought a lot about all of this.  The kids had questions about nicknames and favorite toys. Patron is called "Fatty" and Mojito is "Black Cat."  They like feathers and foily balls and catnip, just like our cats.

And they'll be here tomorrow . . . .

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  1. There will be fur flying everywhere for about 10 minutes then they will calm down just like the United Nations and you will be at peace.