Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Activity: On the First Day of Christmas

And so December starts, with all the early celebrations of Christmas.  The kids were very excited about their Advent calendars yesterday, each receiving a Lego calendar.  And they gave me something too:  a mini-figure of action heroes/mutants Wolverine and Cyclops to add to the Christmas village as we count down to my birthday! So I'm guessing the theme is superheroes??  Not sure.  I'll have to wait and see, just like them.

We don't have the Advent socks up yet, but the activity was making paper chains.  Sis made the first, long garland, which we hung between our living and dining rooms and then Bud added a shorter one, hung in counterpoint to the first.  Festive.  When the tree goes up, it will stand in front of the window in the dining room, framed by the chains.

The tree.  We haven't put the tree up, so busy with prepping the basement and house for the new cats who arrive this coming Saturday.  We've decided to pare down the decorations, opting to use paper origami creations and our cookie cutter collection to decorate, both of which are more cat-friendly than tempting non-edible ornaments.  This way, our new cats whom we don't know yet and our old cats who will probably be in a heightened state of agita won't hurt or be hurt by the tree decorations.  We hope to put it up in the next day or so.

Because, for us, Christmas will be early.  See, Goo is a doctor now, his first year as a resident, and he is not off on Christmas, he recently learned.  We had considered splitting Christmas with him and my in-laws into two smaller celebrations, but the kids roundly objected.  And so we got a dispensation from Santa to have him come early for Christmas, the weekend before.

Which means, we now are going to Texas a couple of days early to spend some extra time with our family there.

So, if I had already thought the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas was short--only 3 school weeks and preparatory weekends--it just got much shorter!  (And the kids are asking if they can open the extra doors on their calendars early!!!)

But to quote Olaf, "All good things, all good things."

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  1. You have redecorted since I was last in that room, it looks lighter and younger. Why would that be!