Monday, December 8, 2014

They're Here!

Our new cats arrived safely on Saturday, after a long ride through rain from NYC, then a pokey visit to the vet--with shots!--and finally coming to our basement, their new home while they adjust.


And they're trying, after the first day of pretty much hiding.  The black cat,  Mojito, is definitely braver and more curious.  He now wanders around and comes for pets, purring the whole time.  The tabby, Patron, is much more reticient and even skittish, hiding in a less than 4" crawl space under the bookcases.  (Note:  We didn't name them--a 30s something single man did!  Hence all the alcohol.)  But even he now will come out to stare at me from a distance when I visit.  And they've both eaten and used the litterbox (appropriately, even!), so we know they're moving around when we're not down there.  They love those yellow catnip bananas and have actually dragged them around the basement--we'd put the two soaked ones on the stairs to dry but the cats hauled them back to their bookcases to lick some more!

Still it's a big adjustment.  The kids are being great with staying quiet and moving slowly, understanding that we can't just hang out down there all the time.  Sis especially is very interested in the new cats. I think it will be quite awhile yet before we even consider introducing them to our other cats, who are quite angry that they can't get into their basement.    We're keeping their original owner in the loop because he is so clearly distraught by having to give the cats up (due to family issues and allergies.)  I think if he could have found a way (short of a second Manhattan apartment!), he would've kept them.

So, off to a slow but increasingly positive start.

But it's still better than a shelter.

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