Thursday, October 2, 2014

[Insert Some Clever Pun on "Borrow" and "Book" Here]

Sis is in a book club! One of my Girl Scout co-leaders started it in August with several of the girls from our troop and school.  The purpose is pretty straightforward--read and share books with a group of friends, with food, activities, and moms sitting around to chime in.  The first book was Ronia, the Robber's Daughter, by the author of Pippi Longstocking.  The girls tried their hand at jumping a faux ravine, drawing what they thought the characters looked like based on descriptions in the book, and competing in a team trivia contest.  We all had a great time.

Sis and I hosted last week, for the book, The Borrowers, which Sis chose (I liked it as a child, too.)   We already knew that several club members hadn't finished or even read the book, it being the first meeting during school.  So, we planned activities that could reach as many people as possible.  First, we set up the house with little items sprinkled around--marbles, toothpicks, small composition books, little boxes, and many other things.  When the girls arrived, we divided them up into groups, named after the families in the book--the Clocks,Overmantles, Harpsichords, Bell-Pulls, Rain-Pipes,etc. Together they searched the house for items to build their own Borrower room.  Girls scattered about merrily, building bedrooms and living rooms in our cat tree, fireplace, tv corner, and bookshelf.  Then they gave us all a tour.  

We had a break for popcorn, cheese and crackers, and Crockpot Hot Chocolate, which was a huge success.  Then we chatted some about perspective and how it changes in the book:  the perspective of the storyteller Mrs. May and Kate, Homily perspective on whether a girl could go borrow, Arietty's perspective (both physical and philosophical) and how it changes when she meets The Boy, the Boy's changing view of the Borrowers whom he first thought were thieves, and then the reader's perspective at the end when Mrs. May hints that her brother might have made it all up.

Our last activity of the evening was one of those 20 yes-or-no questions games where what you are trying to guess is taped to your back.  The kids each got one of the characters, even including Uncle Hendreary and Aunt Lupy (I almost included the servant who saw the Overmantle, Rosa Pickhatchet, but didn't!)  They had fun guessing and were pretty quick about it,too (well once you cut it in half from Borrower vs. not Borrower, and then boy/girl, it's a small pool.)

More food, the rest of the hot chocolate, maybe even some tossing of marshmallows and the evening wrapped up.  We look forward to our next gathering, where I think we'll be discussing Joshua's Song.


Christmas Eve Creamy Crockpot Hot Chocolate 
1.5 cups heavy cream
1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14oz)
2 cups milk chocolate chips
6 cups of milk
1 tsp vanilla extract.

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