Friday, October 3, 2014

My Fall Fashion Fetish

I think it started last winter. Not my usual outdoor scarves, in flannel, fleece, or wool, knitted or crocheted, but light fashion ones for daily use.  Pink and peach stripes, with white (right there, just right of center.)  My first scarf.  Yes, I'd woven one, but I never wore it--too precious for all my efforts.  But my store-bought one, I could wear.  And I did, along with a pink, yellow, and orange loosely-woven one (on the right end.)  In fact, both scarves are visible in practically every picture of me in England.  While there, I picked up a lovely silver scarf brooch with Celtic knots at St. Martin's in the Field.  I also picked up a lovely floral pink one at "Downton Abbey" (near the center.)

But now they are multiplying!  I hang them on the back of our bedroom door and love to look at the colors and patterns.  Yes, I tend to florals and pastels, like pinks and lavenders.  But there are some bold black and white ones or blacks with rainbows--and more orange that I would have expected because I don't like that color.  

I know I'm Jamie-Come-Lately, that women have been fancying scarves for a long time.  Every week I see a new how-to-tie-a-scarf-twenty-ways on Pinterest, though I tend more to drape or tie in a simple knot.  I also have a few of those infinity scarves that need no tying.  

I like how they dress up an outfit, making a simple turtleneck and sweater more festive. And I can choose them to reflect my mood--and my kids like to help sometimes (Sis also likes to choose my earrings.)  They also hide stains well!    

Best yet, as far as I can tell, they aren't going out of fashion anytime soon.  Who knew I'd be stylish?!

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