Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Damned Onions

What is it about our cat Albus that leads him to onions?

Onions, which you might not know, are very toxic to cats.  (Along with poinsettias and lilies and garlic and chocolate.)

He is fine.

But for the umpteenth time, he got hold of some onion skin that I had inadvertently left out (this time from cleaning out the veggie bin and forgetting his passion for onion skins.)  I heard the onion roll off the table from upstairs but didn't know that was it.  I found the abandoned but wet onion about 15 minutes later.

And had to call the ASPCA poison control yet again.   (888) 426-4435

Yep, I've called them about onion-eating before.

But I never know what the weight of the cat to amount of the onion ratio is.

Here we go, for next time:  in our 7 1/2 lb cat there is only danger after ingesting 1/4 oz (about the weight of one US quarter.)  That's actually a lot of papery onion skin.  Before that quarter ounce, there might be some upset stomach--we watch for vomiting and take food away for an hour; more than twice warrants another call to the hotline.  More than that quarter ounce might affect red blood cells, but even then there can be transfusions and other support.  (And they told me this time that onion skin vs. the onion flesh really isn't different in toxicity.)

But they don't expect him to be ill.

And he hasn't been any of those other times (I figure it's happened about 1 a year or so for his seven years.)

Still, stressful.

Makes me want to ban those damned onions.

Thank heavens for that ASPCA hotline though, just in case.

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