Friday, October 31, 2014


Last night our Girl Scout friends and siblings gathered at a nearby rope challenge course and spent three hours up in the trees climbing, swinging, balancing, zipping, and soaring.  The night before, I thought the kids might not really want to go up.  But we got there with all their friends and pretty soon they were harnessed up and swinging through the trees.  Sure, there were squeals and screams--especially when they thought they spotted a raccoon--but everybody had a good time.  Three hours of adventure, in the chilly fall air, lit by twinkling fairy lights and the bonfire around which all the adults clustered.  When they came down for a bit, they grabbed a picnic dinner--Mama brought us some lovely soups and stayed to watch--and went back up, taking different courses.  At the end, they all relived their accomplishments over s'mores.  Repeatedly, Bud and Sis agreed that it was one of the most wonderful days of their lives.  (And all we parents agreed it was such a skill builder and confidence booster!)

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  1. Would you believe it? I got the pictures 3 times. All very good except the one taken at night! A head for heights is a boon to everyone, especially when it comes to repairing a roof.