Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vegetarian: Gone and Back Again

I gave up vegetarianism--gave up giving up meat--for awhile.  It started with nibbles first, then grew, until I actually had chicken, beef, pork, at more than a meals a week.  I always liked meat; that wasn't the problem.  As you may recall, the Kentucky Derby was the problem.  I hadn't forgotten my moral reasoning; only I was tired of beans and tofu and eggs and lettuce and NOT having chicken, etc.   There's something about the tasty salts and fats in meat dishes--even just the sauces--that aren't replicated in vegetarian dishes often.  And it is SO much easier to cook only one meal for all of us (no, I don't require anyone else to be a vegetarian in the family; I adapt our meal plan to complement omnis and vegheads.)  It was a slippery slope and I fell right down.  (And yes, I was a bit sheepish, no, ashamed, to admit as much here directly, though I think there were hints; I'm reflecting on that.)

Without realizing it, I also started not to feel well, with an upset stomach.  Was it the stress of the end of summer and the new school year?  Was it the pain meds and muscle relaxers I sometimes take?  Celiac?  The Big C?

And then someone said, duh, you're eating meat again.  After 6 1/2 years.

So I stopped again over the weekend and I already feel better.  There's no less stress (house tours and Girl Scouts start this week), no fewer meds than usual.  Just no meat.

I'm sure I'll still have the nibbles and tastes; I was always more practical than perfect.  But I'm not sure I'll be tempted anytime soon to make meat even a side part of my diet.

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  1. You have found whatdoes and does not suit you, learn the lesson your body is teaching you and stick with it for a few years until your body changes again as it will with age and environment plus the tensions attached to having two teenagers in the house. We get through these trials without serious difficulty provided we realise they are only temporary. Good luck.