Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not a Full Week

We aren't having a full week of school here in the Hungry household.  First, Sis got out early for an eye doctor's appointment on Monday.  And on Friday, Bud has his first orthodontist appointment (heaven help us!)

And today, Sis is home sick.  No fever--which as you know she used to get at the drop of a hat--but she looks and seems sick.  Croupy cough, headache, listless, lack of appetite; oddly enough, she's sleeping.  I sent her to school yesterday and she went to the nurse, who probably would have sent her home if it hadn't been the end of the day.  She looked awful when she got home.  So today, home, even without a fever.

It probably won't be a whole week next week either, with some kind of big snowstorm on Monday in the forecast.

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