Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Best of Boston, Part 3

I totally forgot to post the last day's pictures!  We had our breakfast buffet and then spent a long afternoon at the Boston Science Museum before heading home in the dark . . . and snow!
Not a great picture, but I loved the roses in the Parker House's lobby for Valentine's weekend.  Even more, I love their rolls!
My favorite part of the Boston Science Museum was its Butterfly Garden.  I love watching butterflies and moths.
This is my favorite picture, with the frozen Charles River and snowy Boston skyline in the background.
Camera phone!
A moth--because it lands and mainly keeps its wings open.

I don't recall all of the names, but this is a Common Morpho, bright blue on the inside.

Bud reclining like a Roman in the "Global Kitchen" show (yes, we saw it in NYC, too.)

Kneeling before Kublai Khan's meal

Our own meal, later that evening, at Rein's NYC-style deli, north of Hartford.  Half sours, matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, a chocolate egg cream, and rye bread.  We also had lattkes, borscht, corned beef sandwich, and kugel, with brisket and stuffed cabbage frozen to take home.  As a friend says, "Jewish soul food."

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