Saturday, February 15, 2014

Best of Boston, Part 2

Sometimes potholes are great!  This one was on our walk to the New England Aquarium, with cobblestones (probably not super old) below the asphalt.

Our raison d'etre:  we love penguins!

Nothing like a morning lecture on how penguins have sex.

Though not an expert on naval history or the War of 1812, I was fascinated by the USS Constitution, having read a small booklet we picked up at the used bookstore yesterday.  I knew lots of curious facts about sailing on "Old Ironsides" two hundred years ago.  Did you know that hammocks were only 18" apart, which meant you were always bumping up against your neighbor, two levels down in the dark, with 430+ other men??!!  Also, there was no singing of sea chanteys on naval vessels; only merchant ships allowed singing during working (naval seaman could sing ballads and such at night and were encouraged to do so, for dancing was good exercise.)  Lastly, Marines were the security forces on board, also the ones to fire guns in hand-to-hand combat; the navy seamen fired the cannons, though.  
Mama, Bud, and Sis try their hands at shortening the sails, while standing on a rope, with Mama rocking the mast.  It was a great hands-on museum.
Houses in the Naval Yard looked pretty in the snow.
I saw this and thought immediately of the opening scene of the movie Les Mis; it's the dry dock at the Navy Yard.

Lunch at Durgin Park--Bud and Mama shared a big lobster, clams, and clam chowder.  Sis had shepherd's pie.  And I had some fried fish.  And Indian pudding, which I love warm with ice cream.  It was definitely snowing by midday.
We headed back to the hotel after our late lunch, staying in pretty much for the rest of the very snowy evening (minus one outing when Mama and Sis fetched their favorite Japanese meals at Wagamama.)

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