Friday, November 20, 2009

Tickle Monsters

The kids woke up in a great mood and were ready to roughhouse first thing this morning. We're not really a hit-the-ground-running kind of family; we often sit in the big bed and go over the day, discuss the dreams of the night before, sometimes watch a special show, or play. Today, Mama was the tickle monster, with both kids falling all over each other to be tickled. Then it became competitive: who could be tickled the longest without screaming "calf-rope" for relief (Sis at 13 seconds), then who could be tickled the longest without making a noise (Sis again), and then who could make me laugh fastest (it was a tie; I'm very ticklish). For that last one, Mama, who is not ticklish, had to give instructions, for the kids are more apt to scratch or rub than tickle. And they still don't quite have any technique. Which just made me laugh harder.

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  1. Hi's funny you commented on my blog. I just found your blog yesterday through Susan's and read alot of your posts. I really liked this one alot. I can't wait for those days. :) Glad you are all doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas! Maybe one day I'll meet your family...but until then...I'll read about your days on here. Take Care!