Monday, November 30, 2009

Ham, It's What's for Christmas

Mama and I have been discussing the menu of Christmas dinner. And on one thing we agree, we don't really want turkey. Not that our farm-raised, eco-friendly 19 lb turkey wasn't good--it was great--it's just that we'd like something different. Mama, who makes a mean roast beef, isn't ready to tackle cow again; the kids don't like beef anyway. And so we thought of ham. The kids love it and it's easy. And today, as if to confirm our decision, the latest Saveur arrived--with 14 recipes for ham!


  1. Try Goose, the fat is the very best for roasting potatoes.

  2. We also have decided that the turkey menu repeated in such a short span is not what we want anymore. It's so much easier to make it at Thanksgiving (which we don't even have on Thanksgiving Day!) It works best for us to have it the Saturday before competing in-laws have come up with this plan. Last year we had roast for Christmas dinner. I think that's what they are planning this year, but I think tacos would be terrific! Soooo easy. I'll see if they'll go for it.