Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving: The Amazing Grocery Zapper

Today, the kiddos and I headed to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients for our Thanksgiving meal. We'd gone over the menu while scarfing happy meals after school and knew everything we wanted to get, having drawn each food next to its name on the list. While they were excited about both shopping and the meal itself, they were most jazzed about the new grocery store ray gun/zapper thingie that allows me to ring up purchases as I shop. This was fabulous fun! It took awhile for them to get the hang of the button, find the UPC code, and make sure that the red scanner line actually read the UPC, but they had it down before we were out of produce (which is fun because you weigh the produce and then print the sticker, which is where the UPC code is). We got everything we wanted.

But forgot one thing: I had wanted them to pick out some items to take to our church's food bank collection box so that we could share some of the bounty of the holiday. We are so lucky that we can walk into the grocery store and buy whatever we want for a huge meal without worrying about it. I try to let them know how fortunate we are, encourage them to share what we have (while also nixing pure extravagance, like a third pie!). And getting caught up in the zapper thing and my list and all, I totally forgot. And then I didn't even have any bills to drop in the bucket of the bell-ringing lady. So, the charity that begins at home stayed there today and wasn't with us at the grocery store. But, we'll rectify that before Sunday's collection.

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  1. Perhaps you are a bit behind in your part of USA but we have had those zappers for 5 or 6 years, even M can use one but I prefer the self scan check out because I can pay and away. Even for a newspaper.