Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Live: I'm the Queen of Gravy!

Sure, I made the mashed potatoes, the roasted carrots and Brussel sprouts, the green bean casserole, and sweet potato casseroles today, but I am most proud of my gravy this year (picture forthcoming). And I was scared because the rendered fat and drippings from our very fresh big turkey were so dark that I couldn't tell if the flour had cooked in my roux--it started at the copper/peanut butter color it was supposed to end with! I waited a little bit longer and added the stock and drippings. It was this perfect dark color, but I was afraid it was too fatty--the drippings were so dense--because of the fresh farm turkey??--that the fat hadn't separated! So I skimmed it several times with paper towels, the color changed, and most of the fat was gone. Once it all boiled, it was perfectly thick, a consistency I don't always achieve.

And it's the best gravy I've ever made. Thick, flavorful (perhaps a bit too much like the fresh farm turkey!), and there are at least 8 cups of it! We even took pictures because I'm so proud. I mean, this gravy has been a good 12 years in the making!

More later because we are, as they say in restaurants, "in the weeds" and my sous chefs don't like my blogging right now!

For my notes: I used 1/2 cup of oil, 1/2 cup of flour, and 8+ cups of stock and drippings!

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  1. WELL DONE!!!I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT. "First, you make a roux..." Our thanks to Grandmother Johnson.