Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Boy Blue, Again

Arrrrgggggh, why is there a cosmic rule that says the happiness of a little boy playing with a balloon is directly proportional to the likelihood that said balloon will pop or float away? Yes, Bud lost another balloon yesterday, a blue one he'd gotten at church (leftover from a birthday party the day before). And there he was, playing outside with the balloon tightly tied to his wrist--we'd learned our lesson about that--and the string broke. For a moment it looked like the balloon, which was losing buoyancy already, might get caught in a low branch, so we chased after it. But at the last moment a breeze redirected the balloon, sending it upwards and out of reach. His anguished cries could be heard inside--Mama heard him, saw the balloon, and came out with his comforting penguin. But even a beloved stuffie can't take away the sadness at an escaped balloon. He actually woke up last night crying about it.

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  1. There is worse to come when he loses his first girl friend.