Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Party

It's always a great night.  This year, the food was even better.

Vegetarian meatball with polenta and pesto
Meatball with marinara had noodles and zucchini noodles
Hanger steak on stick
Fried Mac on stick with cheese sauce
Chicken taco with queso fresco
Shrimp taco
Spam fried rice
Poke bowl
Bacon bao
Cincinnati hot dog
Banh mi hot dog
Tijuana hot dog
Ham and grilled cheese with aioli
Grilled cheese with guac
Chicken parmesan ball
Cheeseburger ball
Chicken nuggets
Kettle chips
Ranch popcorn
Cheddar popcorn
Apple crisp popcorn
Sweet butter popcorn
Glitter doughnuts
Chocolate unicorn pudding
White chocolate unicorn pudding
Cake pop
Cookie pop
Eclair with candy strip
Caramel eclair with popcorn
Unicorn toast (like glitter frosting on toast)
Jungle juice

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