Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Round Up

Happy Solstice! Merry Christmas!  Almost happy new year!

It's been really quiet over here, except for the sound of my coughing.  Yep, my cold progressed into a sinus infection; I got antibiotics today and am hoping to feel better soon.

I didn't let it completely hamper our celebrations, but it was low key here.  Our big plan to go to Old Sturbridge Village for their candlelight event was iced out--they called us as we headed their way.  Though we had hotel reservations to spend the night and a lovely brunch planned at an inn the next day, we turned around (and got our money back for everything, amazingly!) It's just not worth driving in ice, though it was just rain so far here, especially with the main event canceled.

But that meant I had Ma, Gong, and Goo, no food to feed them, nowhere to sleep everyone, and nothing to do.  We made do by moving Christmas up from Christmas Eve to Christmas Eve Eve.  We opened the presents at night, just like Mama and Goo had done as children.  This gave us something to do. We found a hotel room for Ma and Gong overnight and then the next morning, Sunday, everyone came here for stockings--I needed to open something in the morning!--and brunch.  Thankfully, the turducken Mama ordered was defrosted enough to cook.  And I had collard greens for the crock pot and lots of mixed nuts and crackers with dips and cheese for nibbles.  By noon-ish, my in-laws left and Goo stayed a bit longer to play with the kids.

I napped, totally swamped by my stuffy nose.  So, by the real Christmas Eve, the house was emptied of guests and the partying was over.  I admit to feeling a bit let down, compounded by the cold.  It was all just . . . sedate? anti-climatic?  The kids had fun and liked their presents, but there was none of that raw childhood excitement, none of the giggly anticipation.  Is this what it's like when they're older?  I didn't like it one bit.  We slept in Christmas day--a first--and opened presents from my side of the family.  Then we had Chinese take out and watched Fantastic Beasts.  I took another nap.

It was comfortable, quiet, low-key, sedate, nothing like we've done before, quite, and a bit disappointing with OSV and my cold.  And of all the years that it would snow on 12/25, and we weren't even really celebrating that day!

So call it the Christmas blues or what not.  Mama had Tuesday off too and we just hung around.  She's back at work today.  Sis is at horses.  I'm home with Bud, having gone to the doctor this morning.  As I said on FB, a frappuccino and antibiotics almost make it better.  I had to cancel our two social outings tonight, the last vestiges of Christmas celebration on our calendar.

Oh, well.  It's a new year in a few days.

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