Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Advent Activities Continue

Making pretty good progress this year.

  1. Make wreath with boxwood branches--nope, bought one for a good cause.
  2. Put up Christmas tree--Done.  And it looks lovely.
  3. Church cookie cafe--Done.  Our favorites are hazelnut shortbread, cherry cookies, jam thumbprints.
  4. Put up lawn decorations--Done.  There is a new Snowy Owl figure for this year.  And they look great in the snow.
  5. Send Christmas cards--Done.  Today.  And since I've only gotten a few, I know I'm not the only one talking my time.
  6. Holiday horse picture photo shoot for Sis--Done.  Oh, how cute the pictures are!
  7. See new Star Wars--yes.  I'll comment later.
  8. Attend holiday strings concert at school--Done.  Saw the first concert at the other school on Thursday (they needed extra cello and violin players); will see the concert at their school tonight.
  9. Participate in Girl Scout holiday service field trip--Yep, made cards with and sang to the seniors.
  10. Go to office holiday party--Done.  The food, oh, the food.  
  11. Celebrate my birthday--yes. With pizza, Tex-Mex chocolate cake, and HP1.
  12. Read A Christmas Carol--we'll be listening to the audiobook on our drive to MA.
  13. Watch Little Women.
  14. Attend Bud's Piano recital--Done.  He played "Midwinter Memories," very nice.
  15. OSV Candlelight tour--soon.
  16. Deliver gifts to vet, etc.--have it ready, haven't delivered yet.
  17. Keep looking for Snowy Owls--DONE!  We've seen two.  Best. Year. Ever.
  18. Go to church vespers service.
  19. Have holiday game night--we opened a present early, Mysterium, a cross between Clue and Dixit.
  20. Celebrate Solstice
  21. Put up Christmas Lego Village on table--Done.  There are a lot of horses and penguins in it this year.
  22. Make gingerbread houses--this might be after Christmas.  I really want to try it.
  23. Bake Christmas cookies--yes, I made chocolate-chip snowballs and almond fantasy bars; Sis made chocolate crinkles, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal lace, and saltine toffee.
  24. Choose a family charity for Advent of Gratitude--local food bank.

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