Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our First Cadette Year

It's been a great Girl Scout year, our first as Cadettes (see other years here.)  Definitely very busy.  In fact, I'm really not sure how we squeezed it all in.

  • ROCKING HORSE RANCH!!!!  Sure, it was pretty much the last thing we did this year, but it was the biggest, both in time, money, and fun.
  • Teacher Appreciation Candy Bar Buffet--decorated bags for teachers to collect treats.
  • Cookie Booth--Sis and I missed this one because of a speedskating competition.
  • QSP--Yep.  This.  Not my favorite.
  • Al's Angels for Christmas--packing gift boxes for local families (and the girls made Santa hats)
  • Animal Helpers Badge--learned about the training of seeing-eye dogs, did presentation on helping animals, went to Rocking Horse Ranch
  • New Cuisines Badge--research family recipe, host Progressive Dinner, make spring rolls at Lunar New Year party (need to compile recipes)
  • Woodworking Badge--one-day woodworking extravaganza making a doll bed.
  • Night Owl Badge (camp out)--our evening program at Common Ground
  • Trees Legacy Badge--a great visit to Webb Mountain Discovery zone
  • Great Sportsmanship Badge--I can't remember what we did for this at all!!  But I know they watched videos on sportsmanship and discussed what it is.

Wow, that is a lot of badge work--six legacy badges!  A great year.  And I think all of our troop members are coming back next year, which is a wonderful surprise and pleasure.  

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