Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Well, after almost two weeks of feeling crappy--feeling terrible, getting better, feeling worse--I went to the doctor and now know I have a sinus infections.  I've been on meds since Friday.  And I'm definitely feeling better, but still not normal.  It's all head congestion with sore throat and exhaustion. I've had a nap everyday for two weeks.  Not great.  But no one else has gotten it, which is the real up-side.  I think it was allergies that became infected (see, I have a narrow nose and deviated septum and I think things just don't, ahem, clear out sometimes.)

When I'm feeling better, I'll tell you about Sis's horse show, our first Memorial Day weekend home together in years, school orientation, our new Eurovision obsession, recent crochet, and my new hospice gig!  So, even being sick, I've got lots of news.

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