Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I'm having a bit of smartphone withdrawl.

No, I didn't lose my Android.

I gave it away.  Or, well, loaned it.

See, Bud is at overnight computer camp for a week and one of his courses is virtual reality--and we didn't know he needed a phone.  So yesterday morning, I sent my phone with Sis to give to Bud.  Yes, it's slightly risky because he could lose it or do who knows what with it.  But I trust him.

The bigger challenge is I don't have a phone.  This means no camera, no control of the house sound system, no control of the house AC, no texts, no GPS for driving, and not as much general surfing on FB etc . . . and no access to my dragons in the Dragonvale game!  Bud can take care of my dragons and I've got Mama's iPad for some of the other things.

And I lived my first 40 years without a smartphone.  But, it does feel odd after several years of smartphone dependency.  Still, it's a really good test to see just how addicted I am.  Well, I know how addicted I am.

And I'll get it back Friday evening!

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