Tuesday, August 30, 2016


With school on Thursday, our summer is essentially over.  We're hanging out, not doing much, probably won't go anywhere this weekend.   We did do a lot this summer, looking over our list, but it came in spurts.  There were days, weeks even, when we just stayed home, inside, playing computer games and crafting.  We didn't swim as much as I expected, nor have as many playdates.  We never got to the beach nearby.  But I think that's okay.

It was more of a cat summer than we expected--we got Eris in the beginning and Mo had health challenges, including a stay at the vet hospital; I'm still giving him fluids every other day and he's doing really well.

We also went to the movies more than ever before, which isn't saying much because our total, per year, had been around one movie!  But with Ghostbusters, Life of Pets, Finding Dory, Kubo and the Two Strings etc., we went quite a bit for us.

I'm of two minds about summer ending, both ready for a schedule and the return of cooler weather AND sorry to have more things to do instead of the freedom of summer days.

What We Did This Summer
  1. Party/activity in honor of Aunt Sis--yep, Zentangle classes
  2. Go swimming at Y with friends--not at the Y but at a friend's pool
  3. Inspirational Art Rock Drop (decorate rocks and leave them in public places)--numerous times
  4. Meet friends at ice rink--we tried, but no one could play
  5. Attend town festival in June/volunteer at historic house--yep, annual town festival
  6. Birthday trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando--YAY!
  7. Beach trip in city--yep, with beach and movies but no ice cream truck
  8. Putt-putt golf--yep, on 4th of July weekend, at a new place for us
  9. Make ice cream--yep, raspberry chocolate chunk
  10. Have a lemonade stand (Bud asked to do it for Autism)--we raised $76
  11. Celebrate 4th of July--went to a kung fu friend's picnic
  12. Celebrate Mama's birthday--does Harry Potter World count?
  13. Birthday parties for kids--slumber party and rope course
  14. Create a Zentangle tile-a-day--I've done this
  15. Attend friends' Friday Night Dance Party--not as often as I'd like, but we've been a few times
  16. See Finding Dory--yes
  17. See Secret Life of Pets--yes
  18. See Kubo and the Two Strings--yes
  19. Harry Potter and the Curse Child book party--Mama and I went
  20. Zentangle classes with Sis and Bud helping--great success!
  21.  Learn a new game--for me, Dragonvale; the kids have picked up Slither-io.  We have all tried the "retro" games, 5 Seconds and Simon's Cat.
  22. Do some of our summer homework NOT the last week of school--yep, both have done a lot of reading and a little math at khanacademy.org
  23. Harry Potter tag--with special rules for spells like "incendio" (can't cross a certain fire line), "expelliarmus" (can't use wand for 20 seconds), and "stupefy" (can't move for 30 seconds)
  24. "B" movies--Sharknado!
  25. Those pre-80s TV shows--"Gilligan's Island," "Love Boat," "Happy Days," "Brady Bunch"
  26.  Watch "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." with kids
  27. Watch The Birds
  28. Mommies' nano-honeymoon weekend!!
  29. Watch Summer Olympics and eat Brazilian food
  30. plant pink and yellow coneflowers
  31.  Watch the Great British Bakeoff
  32. Sis starts horseback riding
  33. Mama and Sis take sailing lessons
  34. Sis has rock climbing camp
  35. Bud does computer camp--and spends one night
  36. A week with Gommie!
  37. Cats!!
  38. Overnight camp for a week for Bud
  39. lobster dinner sailing cruise
  40. Great Hawk Migration program
  41. ERIS!

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