Monday, August 8, 2016

Camp Relief

The kids are both at camp this week.  The same camp, but different courses.  Sis has Minecraft Construction and Redstone, I think.  Bud has virtual reality and  . . . I really don't know.

And Bud is staying overnight!  From Sunday to Friday, his longest time away, our longest time apart. We spent the end of last week gathering supplies--extra-long sheets for the dorm beds, all the clothes he needs, his own toiletry bag, and some things for a care package (candy and little things, one for each day plus an extra if he needs it.)

After a celebratory lunch, we took him to campus and found his group.  We checked him in, got him unpacked, met his roommate, and barely got a hug as we departed.  He is so excited!  It really is his tribe, to borrow from the current lingo.  He fits in with curious, nerdy, creative, chatty, not-too-physical kids who like Minecraft, all kinds of puzzles and games, Doctor Who and Harry Potter and Star Wars, learning and exploring both broadly and deeply, and working through challenges.  He just grins from ear to ear.  He can't wait to have unencumbered screen time, unlimited food, very late bedtime, and all the notions of freedom that 11-year-olds have.  I imagine he won't brush his teeth and will hardly shower.  C'est la vie.  That's what camp is all about.

Sis will be there, too, and can convey messages and anything he forgot.  It's a nice little connection to ease the newness of such a long celebration.  Otherwise, I'm not sure they'll see each other much, which is probably good for both of them.

And me?  I'm home all alone.  Which is quiet and weird, for me and the cats.  I spent the morning straightening, cleaning, doing laundry, putting dinner in the crockpot, and catching up on all the little things I haven't done since school let out.  I have my own playdates later in the week.  All of which will help me not to dwell on missing Bud this week.  And it will help me regroup for the last summer push and the beginning of school, in about three weeks.

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