Monday, January 23, 2012

All's Fair in Love and Monopoly?

Is it just the people I grew up playing with, but aren't you supposed to cheat at Monopoly--not paying if you land on a square, stealing money from the bank, taking money for passing "Go" twice, miscounting as you move forward?  Seriously, I remember people cheating at Monopoly left and right and it was all expected and okay.

So, how exactly do you teach that to kids?  Um, kids, yeah, go ahead and cheat like fiends, anyway you can.  Good luck being sneaky and dishonest.  Here, I'll give you some tips.  But only with Monopoly, not at any other game.  Is that really the lesson we want to teach, that cheating with money and business is the only way to win?

No wonder I just don't like playing games.


  1. That must be a southern thing - we never cheated in any board games.

  2. It must have been those people you were playing with. I don't remember anyone ever cheating when we played. And I think I take exception to cheating being called a "southern thing."

  3. In England the official rule was that if you forgot to charge rent when a person landed on your property the landlord lost out. Now that I am a landlord I make sure the tenants know what they owe and when. Monopoly taught me that there are people around who will only pay when asked and you have to watch out for your own. Not a bad lesson really, but skipping spaces and overcharging, NOT ON. Being banker teaches you how to handle other peoples money, the game has its virtues if played honestly.