Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When It Rains . . .

It's an apt idiom with this unseasonably spring-like weather, but I'm actually talking about my projects.  I'm busy right now with two very different projects:  the elementary school cookbook and the historic house curriculum on the Revolutionary War.  And despite trying to schedule those so they didn't happen at the same time, they are.  Between now and mid-February, I will gather more than 150 recipes and edit them, then organize and arrange the cookbook and place the order (thankfully Mommy Goose is my co-cookbook editor!).  And, for the historic house, I need to research and write several fact sheets on women, maritime trade, African freedmen and slaves, taverns and travel, and the house, as well as write instructions for the archaeological activity and edit the teacher packet.  Plus lead four docent training sessions on said topics.  And that doesn't include my usual Daisy troop leader responsibilities, nor our gig teaching about Chinese-Americans for the multicultural program at school. I'm not complaining, though.  Not at all.  I like cooking.  I like history.  And most of all, I like to feel useful.

Even if it is cutting into my rigorous schedule of "Glee" reruns and blogging!

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