Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Texas Updates

Here we go:

  • My parents are still doing well, with power, water, and food, and the creek not encroaching too closely.  Topographically, the creek banks are lower on the north side, so it is flooding terribly while my parents are dry.  Small blessings.
  • My aunt and uncle were safely evacuated out of their neighborhood in Richmond as the Brazos threatened to break the levees.  They are with another aunt and uncle now.
  • After days of being okay, the farms of some of my cousins in Wharton faced rising water from the Colorado last night.  I had thought water had gotten into their houses, but I think that was incorrect.  Today, they are posting photos of cattle drives--spearheded by cowboys in ATVs, SUVs, and helicopter--on local highways.
  • Several relatives have confirmed that the beach houses are safe.  My uncle's pier even survived, except for the end.
  • My cousin and his daughter in devastated Port Aransas whom we hadn't heard from are safe.  
And that's it for our storm update today.  

The kids and I are enjoying our last day before school tomorrow--by doing nothing of real consequence!

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