Tuesday, August 22, 2017


We celebrated the eclipse here at home, after being gone for more than a week in Maine.  My dear brother-in-law had purchased some NASA-approved eclipse glasses, which he had dropped off while we were away.  He headed down south to watch, but we stayed at home, quite literally--I had intended for us to go to the beach, but the kids nixed that idea and wanted to stay home.  So we pulled one of our outdoor seats into the driveway and periodically checked outside.

At first, it was just a slice in the right-hand side of the sun, barely detectable.  But as we kept checking, more and more of the sun disappearead, until it was about 75% gone.  Towards the apex, we just stayed outside (though, we didn't look at it continuously--the glasses said not to.)  Several of our neighbors saw us and stopped.  One down the street had a pinhole box, but the sun wasn't bright enough to cast a shadow.  Some neighbors didn't have glasses.  One group had solar-filtered binoculars and so we all swapped items.  We even got enough sun to use the pinhole box.  Our mail carrier even stopped by twice to take a look, both in the beginning and then at the highpoint.

It moved a little slowly for the kiddos at first but, at its height, they were fascinated.  It really was rather amazing, even though it reinforced our relative insignificance in the universe.  That didn't trouble us much, though.

We tried to take some photos but didn't get far.  My BIL had better luck and so I include his picture.  Mama, at work, had her own glasses and was able to get outside a few times.

The next totality in the US is in 2024, I think; maybe we'll head to Vermont to see the whole thing.

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