Sunday, September 3, 2017


Now, Harvey is here, just a pitter-pat of rain from what was a very destructive storm.  My extended family are still mostly unharmed, their homes undamaged.  This is amazing, considering the circumstances, and I am so grateful.  It will be a long road to recovery in southeast Texas.  But the spirit of community and compassion--Gallery Furniture, HEB, "dudes with boats", the "underpants fairies," and of course the very civil servants, police, fire fighters, National Guard, etc.--is strong.  I can't read about the deaths--the tragedies, the losses, even the animals--and the loss of property is almost too staggering to comprehend.

The same thing is happening in southeast Asia right now, with more loss of life and property, with fewer resources to help.

And now the rain is stronger.  What a powerful storm Harvey was.

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