Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Advent All-Around

I'd say we're full of the holiday spirit now, with cheer arriving almost daily since our holiday/birthday weekend in Vermont.

(I'll note one downside:  the Snowy Owl died.  She (or perhaps a juvenile "he") was probably exhausted from her journey from the Arctic and in organ failure (making it easier to photograph her, alas), then she fell through the ice and, despite being taken to a rescue organization, died two days later.  I was very, very, very sad, as was Mama--and we decided not to tell the kids.  Enough death this year.  They got the lesson.  So, please don't mention this.  We've said the owl moved on so it's not here to be seen anymore.  I read today that there's one in Hartford.  Hopefully, it's heading south!)

Okay, back to the holiday spirit.

We're decorated (though, somewhat minimally this year), with presents wrapped and cookies baked, too.  We watched Bill Murray in Scrooged and the kids even made a small snowman in the weekend snowfall.  I did the grocery shopping today and finished my gift buying (I think.)  We're not doing a big meal, just gumbo and muffalettas, with Vermont cheeses, homemade (and cookie cafe) cookies, hot chocolate, maybe the NYTimes hot chocolate red wine (!), and perhaps a gingerbread bundt cake from King Arthur Flour.

  1. Go to Cookie Cafe (Dec.3)--DONE
  2. Set up Lego Christmas village--DONE
  3. My birthday celebration--DONE
  4. Holiday weekend away--DONE
  5. Office party--DONE
  6. Look for Snowy Owl--DONE
  7. Family game night (probably Animal Jam)--DONE (we played Tenzi, too)
  8. Decorate house--DONE
  9. Build gingerbread houses
  10. Host cookie party--TODAY
  11. Make holiday wreath--DONE (two, actually--one with boxwood and one with twinkle lights)
  12. Stay up late, a la Solstice Camp Out the night of last day of school
  13. Gifts for teachers, vet, coaches--DONE
  14. Create and send family Christmas card--halfway done (the cards were just ordered)
  15. Watch "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas" 
  16. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life!"
  17. Watch "Doctor Who" Christmas episode
  18. Christmas Eve service
  19. Drive around looking at lights
  20. Extra screentime--DONE
  21. STAR WARS!!!!!--DONE

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