Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Belated Advent

We're a little behind with our Advent Activities, though we have been slowly getting in the spirit of things.  We'll see what else we get to--here's a list to help me keep track.

  1. Go to Cookie Cafe (Dec.3)--DONE
  2. Set up Lego Christmas village--DONE
  3. My birthday celebration--DONE
  4. Holiday weekend away--DONE
  5. Office party--DONE
  6. Look for Snowy Owl--DONE
  7. Family game night (probably Animal Jam)--DONE (we played Tenzi, too)
  8. Decorate house--DONE, halfway
  9. Build gingerbread houses
  10. Host cookie party (Dec. 21)
  11. Make holiday wreath
  12. Stay up late, a la Solstice Camp Out the night of last day of school
  13. Gifts for teachers, vet, coaches
  14. Create and send family Christmas card
  15. Watch "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas"
  16. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life!"
  17. Watch "Doctor Who" Christmas episode
  18. Christmas Eve service
  19. Drive around looking at lights
  20. Extra screentime
  21. STAR WARS!!!!! (Dec. 16)

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