Friday, December 2, 2016


Haircuts. Horseback riding.  Kung fu.  Parent-teacher conferences.  Piano lessons.  Crochet. Office holiday party.  Hospice visit.  It's been a pretty regular week around here.  And it's lined up to be a pretty standard weekend.  More kung fu.  Zentangle.  Speedskating.  Church.  Maybe a hike.

We're hanging in.  We miss our cat Mojito.  We mourn my uncle.  I wait to hear that my cousin has died.  I liked the rain, but it's nice to see the sun, too.  There doesn't seem to be real winter, much less snow, in sight.

Meanwhile, it's not long until my birthday and then on to Christmas and my parents' visit.  We'll do our usual cookie party for the kids, maybe do the sock advent calendar (though clearly we're behind--it just doesn't feel like December yet.), keep working on the Christmas Lego village, do some local holiday activities, decorate the house and tree.  I haven't managed to do the Christmas cards yet; not sure I'll get to it.

We're not quite joyful yet, but we're hanging in.

Have a great weekend!

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