Friday, February 3, 2012

Seeing Red about Pink

I've been reading this week about the Susan G. Komen Foundation's abrupt, politically-motivated decision to defund Planned Parenthood ostensibly to protect their grant reputations but really to cave to right-wing pressure.  In the past, more than 170,000 women have benefited directly from Komen's support of Planned Parenthood's breast-cancer screenings, a vital part of Planned Parenthood's support of women's health in general and not just abortions.   And so I am disappointed and angry at Komen.  Thus, not only have I signed a petition to tell the Komen board to reinstate the funding (and you can too, here), I've decided to forego pink fundraising--no buying any of the myriad Komen pink fundraising tie-ins and no supporting walkathons or other drives.  There are other places to send money to fight cancer and to support women.  And those, plus Planned Parenthood, will get my support and my dollars instead of Komen.

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  1. I was so, so disappointed by the decision at Komen.