Sunday, February 5, 2012

Live Blogging Super Bowl XLVI: Sorta

We are setting up our Super Bowl party as I type.  We made Dutch Oven Roast to eat on rolls like French dip sandwiches, purple Sumi slaw from the "new" church's new cookbook, and reheated a great batch of black-eyed peas.  There's even ice cream and root beer floats for later.  All to be eaten on tablecloths spread on our bed in front of our only tv.

The kids are so excited.  Even if they're relatively clueless--"Why do they even have a Super Bowl, Mom?"   They're rooting for the Giants because a good school friend, S., is a Giants fan and because we like New York more than Boston (at least in baseball).  Otherwise, they (and we) didn't really care.  In fact, a visiting minister at church asked who Connecticut roots for.  Half yelled out for the Giants, the other for the Patriots.  And some for the Jets and Packers (the visitor's home team)!  We're nothing if not divided up here (and it's the same with  baseball).

And so we're ready to watch the pregame and as much of the game as they can before bedtime at 7:30, explaining the rules and the commercials the whole time.  We'll tape Madonna to show them tomorrow.  And they've made sure we'll stay up to find out who wins.  And I'm sure we will, even if I always say I could miss the end.  I do like any kind of championship game, almost regardless of who plays.

Enjoy your party!  I'll be back soon with our updates . . . .

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