Monday, November 27, 2017

Today's Surprise

What a day.  It started with FB posts about the death of a bright star in our local firmament.  I'm not upset by hearing about it online--it's no harder for me than a phone call or newspaper obituary--just sad in general, as I explained in an earlier post.

And so I stayed home from hospice, because I was down and a bit teary.  My chaplain supervisor encourages us to take time for things like this.  So I did.

I went to PT, getting in because of a canceled appointment, and then ran some errands.  I got home around 12:40 and logged in . . . only to find an email asking if I could confirm for my CPE interview--TODAY, at 1 PM!  Apparently, I'd missed the initial email last week.  And so I said yes, even though I had no preparation.

I interviewed with a chaplain at an NYC hospital and two other applicants via video conferencing (thank heavens my laptop was charged and easily compatible!)  I've had interviews but never a group interview (and I don't usually like skype/facetime stuff.)  And there was a mock verbatim for us to discuss and analyze.  My analysis differed significantly from the others (one who was a minister, another who had a DDiv!), which made me a little nervous.  But the interviewer said he sided with me and thought the chaplain in the mock scenario was avoiding and denying issues raised with the patient.  Whew.  Now I'm even more excited about the possibility of CPE, about which I hope to hear soon.

Coincidentally, the woman who died had received treatment at the interviewer's hospital, though I don't know if she knew the chaplain. And I wouldn't have been home except . . . .

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