Monday, November 27, 2017

Rest in Peace

I checked FB this morning and discovered that an acquaintance who has children the same age as mine had died this morning, after five years of advanced colon cancer.  She had a bright and kind smile that I will always remember.  I had been following her journey on mostly on FB (conversation was much lighter in person), each devastating update, never any really good news.  It was a very hard road for her. I am sad this morning for her, for her severe pain and suffering these last months and years, but especially for the young blond boy who was in class with my kids.  But I hurt for her because she won't get to see him grow up.  I'm sad for any mom who has to leave "early," knowing that most of my reactions are about loss and mortality in general, not just about her.  But I'm glad she's past the pain. And I am so sorry for her family and many friends. May she be at peace.  May her family and friends be comforted.

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