Friday, April 25, 2014

One Week

It's been one week since we came home and awoke in our own beds.  The magic of our English trip (Mama reminds me that we did go to Wales, so British trip) is everywhere with us--in conversation ("just think, a week ago we were at Stonehenge and a week before that at the Tower!!"), in the souvenirs that haven't found their permanent homes, and in the gifts we're still delivering.

But, in many other ways, the trip seems so far off.  We've had a week of our usual schedule--school, work, kung fu, ice skating, Girl Scouts, gymnastics, piano lessons.  I might be the only one not fully back to it, finishing up the last little bit of this virus, taking it easy and missing the first week of historic house tours and other things.

This weekend, we'll continue with our usual lessons and church, plus a birthday party invitation for each kid--one to swimming, one to a sleepover.  Other than that, we might do some gardening (seeds in pots on the porch), look at pictures of our trip, probably watch some "Doctor Who," and eat the cookies and candies we brought back.

Happy spring weekend, all!

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